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Gary Massey - Partner/Operations & Production

Gary Massey first entered the world of technical theater production as a student of the University of Maryland. He began his professional career in 1977, first as a member of the sound department of the New York Shakespeare Festival, then as a sound engineer for Radio City Music Hall.

Moving to Maine in 1984, he established the northern New England branch of Klondike Sound Company. He is one of the founding partners of Moonlighting Production Services, providing lighting and sound production for concerts, festivals, corporate and private events through out New England. His clients include the Portland Symphony Orchestra, Bowdoin College, UNUM Provident and L.L. Bean.

Ted Dunbar- Partner/Sales & Production

Ted Dunbar started working for a production company while still in high school. He spent many years as a road manager, studio, and live sound engineer while earning his bachelor's degree in industrial technology from the University of Southern Maine. In 1994 he founded Dunbar Lighting, Inc., which soon became a leader in private and corporate lighting design.

Lighting the unusual is the usual for Ted, as he introduced Intelligent lighting to the corporate world in southern Maine. Ted has designed lighting for Presidential visits and political conventions, dance recitals and ship launchings, in venues from tents to airplane hangers. His clients include the Maine State Ballet, Portland Pirates,
Bath Iron Works and Hannaford.

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Ted Dunbar